2020 Holiday Trends - Maldives, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Darado Spain. 

With sunny Saturday (the most popular day for booking a holiday) just behind us Travel Republic have officially released a list of the most popular places to visit for UK holiday makers. 
The location that has seen an increase in bookings most for 2020 is The Maldives! With crystal blue waters, white sandy beaches and overwater villas it is very easy to see the attraction to one of the most Insta-Worthy locations ever! The Maldives saw a staggering surge of 1650 percent in bookings! 
Not only does the Maldives take the top spot, we’re seeing an increase in the number of families taking the plunge and doing long-haul flights with children, with a 3200 percent in long haul family bookings compared to 2019! This is followed by a 100 percent increase in bookings to the Dominican Republic, the ideal family location for fun and sun in the Caribbean! 
Romantic holiday destinations are also experiencing a tropical steak, with holiday bookings for couple seeing a major uplift with Caribbean Destinations becoming increasingly popular! Especially Jamaica with a 55 percent increase, St Lucia with a 150 percent increase, Saint Kitts and Nevis with a 400 percent increase and Trinidad and Tobago taking a massive 800 percent increase! With the guaranteed sunshine and romantic locations easy to come by we can see the attraction for a romantic escape! Destinations in Asia have also seen an increase for romantic escapes, with locations like Indonesia seeing a 29 percent increase and India seeing a 35 percent increase! 
Despite desires for long haul destinations with guaranteed sun the most popular destination for UK holiday makers continues to be your traditional bucket and spade holiday to Spain! Costa Dorada has experienced a 15 per cent increase in bookings in 2020 thanks to the beautiful sights, stunning beaches, exciting night life and low-cost accommodation. 
Christian Poole, Marketing Director at Travel Republic said: “Where people are choosing to holiday is constantly changing, which can be influenced by a variety of things. Whether it’s where the latest celebrities have been, who is hosting the next big sporting event or it’s the need to escape everyday life, Travel Republic is making it possible for UK holidaymakers to get to these trending destinations.” 
Top 10 most popular countries for UK holidaymakers in 2020 
1. Spain 
2. Turkey 
3. USA 
4. Portugal 
5. Greece 
6. Egypt 
7. Dubai 
8. Cyprus 
9. Malta 
10. Italy 
Top 10 countries with the largest booking increase from 2019 – 2020 
1. Maldives 
2. Saint Lucia 
3. Malaysia 
4. Jamaica 
5. Dominican Republic 
6. Sri Lanka 
7. Andorra 
8. North Cyprus 
9. Tanzania 
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